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Xiangzhou issues open letter to talents

Updated: 2019-02-03 (xiangzhouonline.com) Print

Xiangzhou's leading group on talent management issued an open letter on Feb 1 to send greetings and blessings throughout the district, thanking talents for their contributions to local socioeconomic development and promising greater support in the upcoming Chinese New Year.

The letter is published annually just as the new year begins, and brings to an end the past year's efforts in attracting and serving talents.

The year 2018 marked the 40th anniversary of the Reform & Opening-up policy and the 35th anniversary of the founding of Xiangzhou District. The small fishing village established in 1984 was for a time seen as a modern coastal garden city, but it has emerged with a key role in Zhuhai’s development. Today Xiangzhou continues to upgrade its economy, enhance its cityscape, and improve its living standards as it builds itself into a bridgehead of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge economic belt.


An annual event scouting outstanding skilled workers in Xiangzhou promotes a craftsmanship spirit.

The letter says that thanks to its talents today's Xiangzhou is more beautiful and energetic and its people are living happier lives.

Investigations of successful talent policies led to the Zhuhai Talent Program which provides the most generous incentives in the city's history. Among talents with undergraduate degrees who were drawn to Xiangzhou last year more than 11,000 decided to stay. In addition to the charms of the city talents of various types benefited from a whopping 48 million yuan ($7 million) in rewards.


Each year, hundreds of talents with doctoral and postgraduate degrees are invited to work or open new businesses in Xiangzhou.

More than 10 meetings, competitions, lectures and other activities were held to strengthen Zhuhai's innovative atmosphere and bring in more top minds. Three academician workstations, two postdoctoral workstations, and eight doctoral workstations were newly built in 2018 alone.

Talents in the district can expect better treatment and easier access to government services as the talent polices are fully implemented, the letter says. Their children's schooling will be guaranteed, with subsidies for startups, working allowances, and housing.

The letter calls for talents to "to contribute more to Zhuhai's Second Entrepreneurship campaign."


Successful entrepreneurs and professional experts are regular guests at various lectures and salons held in Xiangzhou. [Photos courtesy WeChat ID: zhxiangzhou]